Thursday, March 27, 2014

He did what?!?

So far I’m really digging this book! I like the practicality of it and that nothing is based on theory. Because we all know everything in theory “is perfect”. Kind of like me….I was the “perfect” parent until I became one!  
Anyway, there are many stories in this book (like the power point presentation Rachel Cruze gave her parents about how working and going to grade school would ultimately kill her! Hahaha….true story people!)  that are worthy of discussion and I will at some point. But this is the story about Daniel Ramsey (youngest of the Ramsey tribe) and how he saw his two sisters save money for their car and confirmed that the 401Dave car match did indeed work! So he saved $12,000 by the time he was 16! Now you have to read the book to get all the details behind this story but ultimately and although Dave did match dad, he told him he was not getting a $24K car….too much car for a 16yr old. This worked out for Daniel anyway because the car he really wanted was a $14K car. Now, this is what’s so fascinating about the story, Daniel had $10K sitting in the bank and after learning that Peru, which he had visited as part of a missions trip, had a massive earthquake, Daniel….a 16yr old decided to give all $10K away!
Now get this….this is a 16yr old that is probably into cool gadgets and maybe would even like to get every single Apple product available out there! But no….he decides to give it all away to charity.
This is an amazing story and it shows the power we have as parents to either raise selfish children that live in a bubble or children that are in touch with the outer world and know we are only STEWARDS of this money for ultimately it ultimately belongs to God!
Therefore, as a mom….I not only want to teach this to Gracie but I want to also model this. I want to show her that as stewards of God’s money our family has a responsibility to manage money well and again be the hands and feet of Jesus by helping those that are less fortunate or just bless someone just because we can!
So….my husband and I decided that now that we are out of debt and are almost done cleaning up our financial mess (by beefing up our emergency fund) we want to maybe on a monthly basis or every two months (not sure on the timing) take trips to the grocery store or gas station and spot someone who looks like is in need and just bless them by either filling up their tank or buying groceries! We want our children to grow up in this kind of environment so they too can serve people by giving their time, talent and treasure!
If you’re interested in learning more about the book go Presales are going on right now! They also have a sample of the first two chapters!

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