Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Paying off....$97K

 Now, a lot of you know that Luis and I just recently became debt free (except for the house). However, what many of you don’t know is how much exactly we paid off. Well, here it goes…..ever since starting the Dave Ramsey plan Luis and I have paid off almost $97K in debt…..and no, that does not include our mortgage! So what did we pay off? Well, we were normal and financed almost everything so: sleep number bed, rooms to go furniture, laser hair removal, car, credit card, student loans, and medical bills that we cash flow and some we didn't etc. (please note this doesn't include stuff we financed early in our marriage that was paid off before getting on this.)
Now, when we go down to Tennessee you will hear that we paid $70K….that’s because even after going through FPU we both became “ill” with a disease called “ HOUSE FEVER!”. To me it didn’t make sense to “throw” away rent money every month and it really just made more sense to pay for something we would eventually own (I will talk more about all the hiccups we had after moving to our new house on my next blog….because for us Murphy and his three cousins really did move in!).
So here’s a quick timeline for you:
May 2010 – We start FPU for the next 12 weeks – we get excited about paying debt so we get our debt snowball going.
Early 2011 – We both became severely ill with house fever!
August 2011 – we buy our first home!
Mid Aug 2011 – we conclude that Dave is right…..a house when you’re broke and buried in debt is a CURSE! (it didn’t take long to figure that out!)
Sep 2011 – we decide to get gazelle intense and pay off debt!
February 2014 – We finally become debt free!
Now, between Sep 2011 and the time we became debt free my husband and I went through tough times as a couple (also subject for another blog) but we were both determined to get out of debt! We did derail from time to time but we would always re-convene and work as a team! And trust me that was not easy because I’m a NERD to the core and my husband is a FREE SPIRT to the core! For us though it was important that we changed our family tree and although we would’ve loved for our little Gracie to be born with us being debt free completely, we at least know that 1) she will grow up in a family that knows normal is broke  2) she will learn to handle money in a COMPLETELY different way from the way we were both taught or not taught! 
Stay tuned because this is what’s coming next:
Murphy moved in my spare bedroom!
The NERD and FS unite but not before threatening to kill each other (really the Nerd wanted to choke the FS).
Before we got here….we walked through what felt like HELL!
This is how we paid off almost $97k since 2010. 

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  1. Great blog! Congrats to you and Luis! I know this was a ton of effort on both of your parts and together as a couple!