Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Great Enemy of Success

The great enemy….it will keep you from succeeding; it will convince you that “the little men can’t get ahead”; it brainwashes you and makes you believe you are a victim of society; it will keep you from being grateful and will invade your life with envy and jealousy…..the great enemy is “entitlement”.

This sense of entitlement makes you believe that just because you breathe you are entitled to succeeding in life! Well I’m sorry to burst this bubble but that is just not the case. Success only comes to those who work hard and are intentional about what they do.
Just like going to the gym and sitting there won’t get me a six pack, neither will living in America and believing  I'm entitled to being successful.

You see when you feel entitled to something this weakens and debilitates your motivation to go after that thing you want. On top of that you start to envy those who do have it and this just sets you up for failure because now “ you’re just a victim of your circumstances, you’re a victim of the government, you’re the victim of your upbringing, you’re the victim of the economy”….and so on!
So what is the solution?
* Having a grateful heart! Being grateful where you are but not satisfied! Knowing that if “it” is going to happen….it’s up to you…not the government, not your family….YOU!
* Be happy when others succeed….instead of trying to figure out how to “take it” from them, or thinking they are evil for having so much and should really re-distribute what they have…why don’t you become friends with those people and learn from them! That’s what my husband and I did….we surrounded ourselves with people that were smarter than us. We are far from where we want to be but we know we have the right people in our lives and we have chosen to celebrate their victories because we know that if it can happen to them, it can happen to us. After all, it’s like what Jim Rohn said: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” So the question is, who are you spending time with?
* Don’t ever buy the lie that you are the victim! I had a rough childhood, some years were good, some years were not….my adulthood was not easy either…mother had stroke that left her disabled…I had to pay for my own wedding and put myself through college while working and paying off some of my mother’s debt…..disabled mother got divorced (which I had to coordinate) and now lives with me….worked for almost a year on getting her medical insurance….I had two miscarriages before having Gracie, etc. etc. etc. I too could stand here and tell you that I can’t succeed in life because I was a victim of all these things and without a doubt many of you would agree with me. But I have CHOSEN to not buy that lie….and yes, although we all face challenges and have unfair things happen to us we can CHOOSE to move on and work hard towards success.

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