Friday, March 18, 2016

But I want it now!!! The struggle is real!

Many of you know we are big Dave Ramsey followers….if you don’t you are probably wondering what that means? Well we use common sense when it comes to money. We spend less than we make, we give every dollar an assignment and by no means do we use debt for ANYTHING. Now that is a bit deceiving because we do have a mortgage. But…my point is if we want something we save. Now that is easier said than done because when we want things we want them NOW. I mean, I do. But when debt is not an option you definitely work and strengthen your saving muscle. 

So, we are going to Disney this summer (yay!!!). We have to now, Gracie keeps saying “Disney….mamma, and papa, and Joyis and Gracie!”. When you ask her what we are going to do her response is true evidence she is our child “comer” meaning…eat. Because that is what our family looks forward to when on vacation. She of course then mentions that she is going to see Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Max….Santa and lights. Not sure how we are going to make the last two happen since Santa takes a sabbatical 364 days out of the year. 

Now here lays the problem….we also want to re-do our backyard. But because debt is definitely not an option for us we will have to save money for it. We got a quote to do what we want and it was about $4K. I’m sure the guys thought we were crazy since we kept calling and asking if several modifications would help lower the estimate. At the end we decided that stamped concrete is really not that great after all….stained concrete will do. So, hopefully come the end of May my kids will finally be able to play outside while I attempt to sit back….snap, I guess that’s another purchase we need to save for….PATIO FURNITURE! Oh the joys of saving for the things you want!

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